Retailers Are Trying to Brainwash You!

Save Money.  Live Better.   Good advice, right? Normally I would agree, but I bet the last time you read that was on a Walmart advertisement that all about you SPENDING not SAVING!   I’m sure you have seen dozens of adds proclaiming SAVE! in anticipation of Black Friday.  The truth is that making purchases at lower prices will only become savings when:

  • You can sell the item for more then you paid for it.
  • You were ready to buy at a higher price with cash.

The first case is extremely rare because most used items lose 50% of their value, still there are sometimes opportunities- just don’t forget to factor in the cost of your time to buy and sell the item!  If you fall into the second case- you decided on your own to make a  purchase, saved the cash needed for it, and just happened to find a better price.  Then you have real savings go for it!   Just be wary of the lure of the bigger/better version that will eat up all your savings!  In any other case don’t fool yourself you are really just spending more.   Before you part with your hard earned cash, ask yourself: Couldn’t I live better by keeping my old TV/DVD player/iPod and REALLY saving that money?

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