Frugality Should be About Creativity

When reading an article on get rich slowly about frugality it struck me that most of the comments assume that the only option for frugality is deprivation.   You can stick to your budget by denying your desires but aren’t there any better options?


In stead of closing the door with a statement like “I can’t afford it.” What if you ask a question like: “How can I afford it?” that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  I heard a wonderful example from a podcast: A caller into the show told the story of how he loved sailing and was able to sail for free!   What he did was to provide his labor as a crewman for sailboat races.  This is a great example of a win-win situation- the captains have the boats and need sailors, the sailors want to sail but need boats to sail.  This is a very specific example, but there is a general principle.  Ask how could my desires also serve others?  Could this service fund my desires?

Finding the Core

The other key is to understand exactly what you love to do.  Say you love going out to dinner with friends.   Is it eating out or the interaction with friends that you really love?  If it is interacting with friends – you could substitute having friends over for a pot luck dinner.  The critical part, interacting with friends, is the same, but the bill is LOT less!  

Your Thoughts

Do you have any stories where you used creativity to make frugality work for you? Leave a comment to share them!

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