Strategies for Achieving your Goals This Year

In my last post I suggested making goals instead of making resolutions this year.  Below are some strategies to insure you achieve your goals.  You should not need to use all of these strategies, but I listed several so you can pick the ones you think will help you keep you on track:

  • Hand write a list of your goals and sign it- Your writing is a powerful influence because people desire to be seen as consistent.  Use that influence to your own advantage!
  • Get your friends to set goals for the year as well – and talk about them.   Think about the social pressure- everyone is doing it, you better do it too!
  • Automate whatever you can for example 401K contributions or automatic transfers to savings- set it up then cruise to success with no worries of forgetting.  Leverage laziness!
  • Post a copy of your goals in a place you will see daily- Don’t let your goals out of sight so that they can’t fade out of mind, make that written statement into a daily visual reminder.
  • Re-read your goals at least weekly.  Keep the specifics in mind by rereading your goals!
  • Keep a progress chart with the % completion for each goal, update it at least monthly.  Keep it clear and easy to update.  Filling in a progress bar with a marker is sufficient-  it’s a second to update and it’s difficult to hide from a progress bar that is only 10% full.
  • Mail copies of your goals to friends and family or announce your goals in public- such as on a blog.  Use peer pressure to your advantage, think of the shame if you don’t meet a goal without a good reason.
  • Mail copies of your progress charts to friends and family or post them on your blog.   Do you want to have to explain to everyone why you aren’t meeting your goals?
  • Schedule days to review your goals and progress at least every three months- force yourself to look at your progress and see if you want to revise your goals upward.

Have a happy New Year and accomplish your goals in the coming year!

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