Financial Goals for 2010

I thought it may be helpful to share my financial goals for this year:

  • In order to have financial freedom in retirement:
    • Contribute at least 15% of my income to the company 401K plan via payroll deduction from each check.
    • Contribute $2,500 every three months to Roth IRAs for my wife and myself totaling $10,000 for the year.
  • To open the possibility of early retirement
    • Invest at least $1200 this year in a taxable account by contributing $100/month.
  • To have money available for my future goals:
    • Invest 15% of my income in my company’s employee stock purchase plan via payroll deduction from each check.
  • To aid our children with college expenses
    • Save least $160 per month into 529 plans via automatic deposits.
  • To pay my son’s tuition
    • Save at least $160 per month.

3 Responses to “Financial Goals for 2010”

  1. Daddy Paul says:

    You have high goals. I hope you can pull it off you will be happy you did.

  2. Rick Francis says:


    Thank you for commenting! I they are ambitious goals, however almost all are goals that I accomplished last year too. The new goal for this year is investing $100/month in a taxable account. I’ve accomplished that this month so it’s a good start.


  3. Lisa says:

    Hi there. For a quick guide to setting financial goals (or any goals for that matter) take a look at I hope it’s useful 🙂

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