A Divorce is Worse Than The Great Recession for Your Wealth

From Oct 2007 to Mar 2009 the stock market declined a brutal 46%, a horrific blow to any investor but that is nothing compared to a divorce!  First and foremost a divorce has huge emotional costs- I am not going to even try to put a price on that.  Just consider the huge financial costs:

  • A 50% loss across ALL  of your assets- your home, cars, investments, savings, everything!
  • Tens of thousands in legal fees.
  • Thousands for one spouse to move out.

A divorce will not only decimate your current wealth- but it also saps your future:

  •  Significantly Lower Income
    • Loss spouse’s income or spousal and child support payments.
  • Increased Living Expenses
    • Two residences
    • No shared items
  • Additional Child Care Expenses
    • No one else to help watch kids

All of these factors make divorce horrifically costly.  Maybe the best financial move you can make today is to do something nice for your spouse!

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