Best of Money Carnival #37


Welcome to Pondering Money, this site is dedicated to trying to help you think about money differently!  Here are a few sample posts you might find interesting:  Which wins 401K Match or High Interest CC debt?,  Simple Strategies to Improve Your Money Management, and Strategies for Achieving Your Goals This Year.

A Tough Choice!

Thank you to all of the authors who submitted a post, choosing the top ten posts wasn’t easy! Imagine going to Baskin Robins and trying every flavor of ice cream- and you enjoy all of them but have to choose just a few!  Here are this week’s top 10 posts:


  1. Dustin presents Should Married Couples Have Joint or Separate Bank Accounts? posted at Engaged Marriage.  I know how important this choice is because my wife and I had a terrible time when we made the wrong choice!   I’ll need to make a post with the story, for now check it out and see if you should change how you bank.
  2. Jeff Rose presents How to Choose The Best Financial Advisor/Planner for You posted at Jeff Rose.  I guess great minds think alike as  I just wrote about how I would choose a financial advisor.
  3. Ray @ Financial Highway presents Myth Busters: Myths About Frugality posted at Financial Highway.  I believe a lot of people hold onto at least one of these myths,  I feel very strongly that frugality should be about creativity.
  4.  The Investor presents How to run your portfolio like a hedge fund posted at Monevator.  Curious about how a Hedge Fund works, check out this post to find out!
  5. BWL presents Make Your Own Personal Budget: Articles, Tips, & Resources posted at Christian Personal Finance.  I really don’t like budgeting so I was impressed that this article convinced me there is a value to it.
  6. Evan presents Three Common Qualities of High Net Worth Individual’s Balance Sheets posted at My Journey to Millions. It’s always interesting to look at successes- but I wonder did these common qualities came before or after they achieved high net worth status?
  7. Abdulrasool Sumar presents How to Retire as a Millionaire with your 401k Plan and 7 Strategies to Achieve Growth of your 401k Plan posted at 401k.  I really loved the compound interest graphs!  You need to understand compound interest because it makes a huge difference when investing for the long term.
  8. Wise_Bread presents The 10-Step Staircase to a Comfortable Retirement posted atWisebread.  Some great steps to get you to a comfortable retirement.
  9. Adam presents Thermals of Wealth posted at Magical Penny.   Adam focuses on the first step to financial success saving, I liked Adam’s writing style and I hope you will too.
  10. Darwin presents How Much Could You Reduce Your Budget if You Get Laid Off? posted at Darwin’s Finance.  Even if you think your job is secure, doing this analysis could help you figure out if your emergency fund is reasonable.

7 Responses to “Best of Money Carnival #37”

  1. Thank you for choosing my post in the #1 spot! It’s very exciting and quite fulfilling for a “marriage blogger”. I totally agree with you that this is a very important topic for a successful relationship. I have also found that it is quite controversial based on the comments on this post and other discussions I had on the EM Facebook page.

  2. Adam says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for featuring my post here in the Money carnival. I’m honoured to have made it through the selection process with one of my first blog posts.

    Great carnival and I hope to see you around the blogosphere!


  3. Rick Francis says:


    I thought you did a great job with an important and controversial topic and it was different enough to stand out for me.


  4. Rick Francis says:


    Thank you for submitting a great post!


  5. Thanks, Rick! It’s much appreciated.

  6. Monevator says:

    Hi, thanks for including my post!

    I’d like to stress that while it’s interesting to know how you can use hedge fund style technques on your own portfolio, I don’t necessarily recommend it for private investors!

    Dollar cost averaging into a tracker is usually safest. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again, off to check out some of the other posts now.

  7. Rick Francis says:


    Thank you for submitting an interesting post and you make a good point – hedge funds have gotten a lot of media attention when they did well… but when they didn’t do so well I don’t remember hearing much at all.

    -Rick Francis

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